Florida’s Concierge Premarital Counseling

When excellence, privacy, confidentiality, and convenience are non-negotiable,

you want access to an exclusive service where a personalized experience is hallmark.

You want Florida’s concierge premarital counseling.

A highly exclusive service, it is offered to a limited number of Florida couples who want a comprehensive and personalized premarital counseling action plan with flexible scheduling and accessibility to one of the most coveted licensed premarital preparation experts in the nation.

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Concierge Premarital Counseling


  • An in-depth assessment of your relationship.

  • A personalized evidence-based action plan tailored to your specific needs.

  • Live psycho-educational premarital preparation sessions either onsite or online with Dr. Liliana Wolf.

  • Same-day or within 24 hrs. scheduling.

  • Phone and text access to Dr. Wolf.

6-month On-site or Online Concierge Service 

12-month On-site or Online

Concierge Service 

  • A minimum of 10 live 60 to 90 min. premarital preparation sessions.

  • 12-month concierge service

  • Retention Fee: $10,000.00/couple

  • A minimum of 5 live 60 to 90 min. premarital preparation sessions.

  • 6-month concierge service.

  • Retention Fee: $5,000.00/couple

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