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Online Premarital Course


The Only LGBTQ-Affirmative Florida Premarital Course,

We're NOT just LGBTQ 'friendly'

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Get $25

discount on your Florida marriage license.

Skip 3 day-wait!

Dr. Wolf featured in BRIDES

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Print our OFFICIAL Certificate INSTANTLY upon completion.

With our LGBTQ-Affirmative Florida Online Premarital Course You Can Skip the 3-day wait and Receive a $25 Discount on Your Florida Marriage License!

Why Choose This Premarital Course? 

  • This premarital course was specifically designed with LGBTQ couples in mind. We didn't simply slap a label on our regular course that says "LGBTQ-friendly."


  • You will save the most money. Guaranteed.

  • After completion of this course, you can receive your marriage license immediately by waiving the 3-day waiting requirement.

  • This LGBTQ- affirmative course was prepared by the most experienced, top-ranked licensed relationship expert.     


  • You can get a $25.00 discount on your marriage license. The discount is greater than the cost of this course, making THIS course BETTER than FREE.



Get a $25 discount by showing your certificate. This course pays by itself, leaving the most money in your pocket!

Following THE blueprint that makes the dream of happily ever after a reality.


deepen your emotional connection


Get your license immediately once you show your LGBTQ Official Florida Certificate of Completion.

Avoid the 3-day mandatory wait time.




Through science-based, enjoyable, and educational exercises and activities.

Wouldn't you want to invest 4 hrs. of your time for a lifetime of bliss?


My Healthgrades reviews as a clinician

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What if I told you...

that I can show you how to remain deeply, emotionally connected for life while addressing the specific matters and concerns involving LGBTQ relationships...

and in just 10 modules!

And that I can walk you both through how to maintain and enhance the joy, sense of belonging, acceptance, and understanding that true intimacy brings to a marital relationship.

Sounds epic, I know, but...

this is exactly what I have been doing for engaged LGBTQ couples at my Coral Gables office and now….

I can do it for You!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dr. Liliana Wolf. I am a licensed clinician with over two decades of experience serving the LGBTQ community in South Florida, I am also a former adjunct professor of psychology, author, and relationship expert. 

My Mission for This Course


My goal is to reach as many LGBTQ couples looking to get married and prepare them with an evidence-based premarital course that is tailored to meet the needs of an LGBTQ relationship, and to do so at the most affordable price. 

So please, do not let the price of this online course fool you. Couples who wish to schedule an appointment with me for LGBTQ-affirmative premarital counseling or affirmative couple's therapy wait months and pay $300/hr.


Yes, couple's therapy with an experienced clinician can be expensive and even prohibitive.


This is why I created this course. 


Ready to experience what a lifetime of bonding really means?

11 Powerful reasons thousands of Florida couples find THIS  Florida Premarital Course is the BEST option

Florida Premarital Preparation

This course


30-day Money Back Guarantee

Yes! we are that confident of the value this course provides Florida couples. We want you to love it or request a full refund. No questions asked.


Generous 6 (six) month access

Log in and out at your leisure. You have unlimited 6-month access to the course.


Print your Official Certificate INSTANTLY upon 4hr. completion: All counties.

No matter where in Florida you apply for marriage, we will Not ask you to wait a "couple of days" for your certificate. Download and print yours immediately.


Created and led by HealthGrades top 1% clinician in marriage &
family category Nationwide (2017-2023) & former Psychology
Prof. (Florida International University)

Count on The Relationship Prof. to deliver this video-based course in a didactic,
lively and engaging manner. Committed not to bore you with copied and pasted
PDF's read on camera, a third-party narration, or a monotonous slide show filled
with material you may already know.


LGBTQ version available

Specifically tailored to LGBTQ couples. Voted "The Best LGBTQ  premarital preparation course of 2021, 2022 & 2023" by the Choosing Therapy organization. 


Spanish version available

The only research-based non-denominational premarital preparation course of its kind with videos, reading material and fun activities in Spanish.


5-Star clinician (Florida), Reviews Healthgrades

As licensed Florida clinicians preparing couples for marriage, we believe that nothing speaks louder about our competency, reputation, and integrity than reviews of our work left by the actual patients/clients/couples we have served through the years. We proudly display our HealthGrades reviews.


Verified, authentic Google reviews left by couples just like you.

Ratings and reviews you can trust.


Greater savings

Grateful at being the best-seller of premarital courses nationwide we pass the savings onto you so you can get THE BEST for less.


#1 Best-seller

Check our live purchase counter authenticated by Prove Source and join the thousands -Yes, THOUSANDS- of awesome Florida couples who have chosen Dr. Liliana Wolf, The Relationship Prof. to prepare them for marriage.


Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Recognized by our outstanding customer service since 1997.  You can buy with confidence. Your purchase is protected by our reputation with the BBB reflected in our
A Plus rating.


:Dr. Wolf Has Been Featured in

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Print our OFFICIAL Certificate INSTANTLY upon completion.

With our LGBT-Affirmative Official $24.97/couple Florida Online Premarital Course, you will get to skip the 3-day wait and receive a $25 discount on your Florida Marriage license

Certified and authorized in All 67 Florida Counties

Find information about where to get a marriage license in your county

Print our OFFICIAL Certificate INSTANTLY upon completion.

With our LGBT-Affirmative Official $24.97/couple Florida Online Premarital Course, you will get to skip the 3-day wait and receive a $25 discount on your Florida Marriage license

What Makes This Premarital Course Different?

Our LGBT Couples' Stories

The Magic of Happily Ever After Starts Here

Money-Back Guarantee


Your satisfaction is important to me. If you are not completely satisfied with my course, I will refund your money. Period.

Here is a summary of my refund policy if you are not satisfied with this course:

  • Request a refund via email within 30 days of purchase.

  • My office will then issue a refund.

  • Please note that there is no refund once the Certificate of Completion is issued.

In need of a wedding officiant and/or notary public that comes to you?

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with RAINBOW MOBILE NOTARY & NUPTIALS WEDDING OFFICIANTS NETWORK and The Rainbow Chapel to provide couples access to Florida's All-Inclusive Wedding Officiants Network. For a FREE consultation click here


My Professional Affiliations

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Print our OFFICIAL Certificate INSTANTLY upon completion.

With our LGBT-Affirmative Official $24.97/couple Florida Online Premarital Course, you will get to skip the 3-day wait and receive a $25 discount on your Florida Marriage license

  • Can you get married anywhere in Florida with a marriage license from Franklin County?
    Yes! Once you've obtained a marriage license, you are free to get married anywhere in Florida.
  • Do you have to live in Franklin County to apply for a marriage license there?
    No, you don't have to apply for a marriage license in the county that you live in.

Print our OFFICIAL Certificate INSTANTLY upon completion.

With our LGBT-Affirmative Official $24.97/couple Florida Online Premarital Course, you will get to skip the 3-day wait and receive a $25 discount on your Florida Marriage license

More About Me (Us)

My husband Carl and I have called Coral Gables home for the last thirty-five years. Our only child attended Coral Gables Elementary, Gables High, and the University of Miami. All located in… you guessed it, in Coral Gables.

When I was finally done with graduate school, practicums, internship, and licensure requirements, it only seemed natural to open my practice in this beautiful city. For over two decades, the City Beautiful home, and I am grateful.

I am also grateful for Carl, my lifelong partner and the love of my life. We go way back. Hard to believe that when I met him, he was much younger than our son is today. Ours has not been a perfect marriage, but it has been a good one! 

When I say that it is all about connecting at a deep emotional level, I mean it. A deep emotional connection is at the heart of every lifelong relationship. This LGBTQ premarital preparation course is much Carl’s as it is mine. His support, love, and patience have made this possible. I feel so blessed.

Liliana Wolf

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