Baker County
$14.97 Online Premarital Course

Comprising the municipalities: City of Macclenny and Town of Glen St. Mary.

Contact Information 

County Administration


55 North 3rd Street,

MacClenny, FL 3206

Phone Number:

(904) 259-3613



Marriage License Application: 




Cost of a Baker County Marriage License

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Marriage License Information: 

  • The process for applying for a marriage license in Baker County is as follows: 

    • Complete the online marriage license application

    • Record the number given to you once you've completed the online application.

    • Provide completion number when scheduling an in-person appointment

    • Complete an optional premarital course by an approved provider for a discount and waived the waiting period 

    • Visit the Clerk's office (both parties must be present) and bring the following: 

      • Social Security Number (SSN) ​

      • Valid form of ID 

      • Form of payment

      • Certificate of completion for an approved premarital course (if applicable)

    • Once the ceremony is performed, the license can be returned to the Clerk's office to be finalized 

  • Once the application process is completed, couples have to wait for 3-days to receive their Florida marriage license (completing an approved online premarital course will wave this 3-day, mandatory waiting period).  

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Frequently asked questions

1. 英語初心者でも大丈夫ですか?


2. レッスンは大人数で行うのでしょうか?


3. 宿泊先は個室もありますか?


4. 留学中、宿題はありますか?


5. 英語の先生は日本語を話すことができますか?


6. 説明会に参加せずに申し込みは可能ですか?

可能です。忙しく説明会に参加できない方や、詳細を聞く必要がない、と判断される方にはこちらからお申し込みをいただいております。 (キャンペーンのクーポンコードはLINE問い合わせでその旨をお伝えいただければ、発行いたします。)

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